{May 2, 2012}   Images that Resonate

I was on Pride in Madness’s blog and there were some amazing photos and pictures for BPD Awareness Month. I have to be cynical and wonder what people would say if I walked up to them and said “Hey, Happy BPD Month!”  It is awareness month but I see nothing on TV, the news, the magazines to bring any awareness. I blame the government for thinking mental health is the dirty child of medicine. The psychiatric area in our hospital here is in the basement, dark, pipes, tiny rooms. We’re depressed, manic and psychotic, that’s exactly where we need to be, in the dungeon?!

Again, I am so thankful for the doctors that I have, that see through my mask, understand the pain, and hold my hand.

Because I am not one person, most days it’s two, and it really comes down to who wins.

Always trying to fit in and put that smile and personality people expect. “you seem so normal” they always say.

Ah the dreaded “you seem so normal”…..thank you?

Exactly… or “i can’t tell”

I never know what to say to that! I sort of just smile, giggle and say “yeah….I know….” So awkward!

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