{May 20, 2012}   Vagaries

Spent the day with my girlfriend Chris. Was wonderful even with the vagaries of island life. Cell service cut out so I couldn’t call her to get me in the boat, took an hour of me trying to figure this out and get straightened. Sat at “my beach bar” for a while with Tita and Tameka while sorting and eventually Chris figured out to bring the boat to this dock. Then as things go here the engine died so trouble shooting the engine took us another half an hour, and when normally this would throw my day off it was so nice to get back to the normal shit that used to govern my life. Lol. Could anyone imagine me trouble shooting an engine in Canada. Lol. nOT.

Got going and went to the YCCS marina which is sooooo exclusive we were the only ones there. Had a great bottle of wine and tried to soak up the sun as Chris said I was whiter than white and she didn’t even recognize me. bad. Lovely afternoon. Old friends happened to come by and met some people from other home, Canada, that do the same thing I do, commute back and forth but hate to settle in the west but are going to have to because of kids.

Just getting ready for dinner now. Stopped by my house and was instantly mad at the property manager because so many things were f’ed up, so left several not so pleasant emails for them and my ex husband. Cleaned up what I could and locked up the house. Not pleased. Drove by the l old watering hole on the way and ran into more people than I could have imagined. Shit. So much for incognito.

Grabbing the boat and doing a night drive to the BEYC marina. Love driving at night. Calm. Stars. I know it scares people to boat at night without all their GPS contraptions but I know the waters and I love it, the boat has nothing but an engine and a wheel. Cannot wait.

Time to go. Think of me on my moonlight night drive.

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