{May 21, 2012}   F*cked Up

I live, or used to live, and am now, in a place, where you don’t lock your doors, leave your keys in the car, and all is good. Came home tonight to a dark house, after dinner with friends at the yacht club, to find as I stepped through the door my a naked ex boyfriend, and I mean NAKED, sprawled our asleep, drunk, on the living room floor. Made me think for a moment, what the f*ck??! After that moment I realized, I had great night, I’m tired, I have no idea what this is about, but it’s not about to happen right now. I don’t need to know, I don’t want to know, this is kind of weird and yuck, I am just going to step over you, make no noise, go to my room, lock the door and go to bed. Which is where I am now writing this blog, still thinking what the f*ck?

I’m going to be asleep in about 10 minutes because I’m tired and tomorrow there may or may not be someone in the living room when I wake up.

I can tell you I had an awesome boat ride to the yacht club, the stars were beautiful, the water slightly choppy but dark as night. What an amazing feeling to be captaining at night in the dark with running lights knowing the waters so well you don’t need to see. Exhilarating. One of the best parts of my day today.

I have a lot of business to do tomorrow but hoping I can grab lunch in the sun on a boat in between the banks and business. My final hurrah before I go back to summer that’s not really summer, where people get excited about warmth that’s not really warm, boat but don’t know what it is to boat without all that junk in your boat. One more day of freedom. Then back to the confines of the west and it’s rules.

Good night. Lights out. Doors locked. Naked man in the living room. What the f*ck?

Such a random thing to come home too! I’m glad you had a good night!

It was a great trip on the whole and by morning it was like nothing had happened and we never spoke about it.

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