{June 1, 2012}   Cipralex

Cipralex, new drug for me, maybe a month now that I have been on it, maybe even 6 weeks. I switched over from Celexa which I hear is now out of vogue and Cipralex is better. I can’t figure, it seems I am more agitated on this drug, not manic or depressive but agitated. At times it feels good, but i think the stretches of my feeling good are shortening as opposed to lengthening, but the lows are not as low, but they come more frequently than I remember. I am also tired a lot more with far less motivation and lonely.

So I did some reading tonight and the break in period for cipralex is months, not a week or two but months, that you do go in and out till your body regulates the drug, and in the meanwhile you do experience all your BPD emotions plus fatigue, inability to concentrate, and depressive moments. But, on the bright side, people have said once they make it through it is better than Celexa. Downside is it makes you gain weight which I have been puzzling at as well, guess that answers why i am eating the same and getting heavier.

This makes me feel better but having to go through this break in period, unawares, and deal with the triggers of life, has had me very confused. I feel so incredibly needy and I realize it’s the nature of being tossed around, feel like a ship in the waves with no anchor grasping for anything that can be solid. Crap its been sun and rain, sun and rain in my mind every week, thought I was seriously regressing.

My doc says it should be helping during my PMS time but so far, not really. I self diagnosed this morning as I have a few triggers as you know from previous posts and am coming up on that time and can feel the instability. My dose was 15mg, I took it down to 10mg when it was making me far too agitated and needy, and then i have been coming up to 15mg when i felt I needed it, and today I took 20mg. Reading this I think I just need to set (with my doc, even though he has said i can flit between 10-15mg) a dosage and stick it till I get through the break-in.

My doctor has this annoying habit of not telling me everything, I don’t know if he feels if he warns me than I’ll be too sensitive to them. I figured out why he wants to see me so often and why he asks the questions he does, because he’s checking on the above side effects. I am just going to have to call him on it next week. This is not the first time this has happened, we’ve been through a few other drugs where this game has been played. I guess I might convince myself into symptoms. This didn’t help last week when i plummeted, would have been nice to know I should be more aware during these next months and spend more time with my family.

Is knowledge power, do I feel better knowing why I have been so? Not really, sucks that it has to go on for longer, but good to know I’m not regressing.

Is anyone else on Cipralex? Would love to hear how it was and is for you?

Cipralex is an SSRI:

SSRIs ease depression by affecting chemical messengers (neurotransmitters) used to communicate between brain cells. Most antidepressants work by changing the levels of one or more of these naturally occurring brain chemicals.

SSRIs block the reabsorption (reuptake) of the neurotransmitter serotonin (ser-oh-TOE-nin) in the brain. Changing the balance of serotonin seems to help brain cells send and receive chemical messages, which in turn boosts mood. SSRIs are called selective because they seem to primarily affect serotonin, not other neurotransmitters.


Cipralex was the second SSRI I tried and the last. I think it did stable me but I was still in a moderate dark place. It was on that drug that I decided to stop taking psych meds. I felt like I could handle myself and I was right in the end. It made me sweat a lot and that was the only side effect I noticed. My friend is also currently on it and she’s fairly happy with it.

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