{June 1, 2012}   Tripping

Have the shakes, trembling in the hands and jittery, concentration is non-existent. The 20mg of Cipralex was a bit too much, I am having a hard time typing my fingers keep jumping. So much for self-diagnosing, it might be keeping my mind sane but bouncing like Jiminy Cricket on uppers isn’t helpful either. Agh! Would be much nicer if it made me euphoric at the same time as opposed to just shaky, should at least come with some freebie feel good moments. Back down to 15mg tomorrow, I hope this doesn’t spin me the other way, I don’t think you can withdraw from 5mg?

I am going to try and put some food in me and see if absorbs some and quells this. No food, minimal sleep (woke up at 3:45!) and drugs is a trippy combination.

I am seeing my doc next week, all these questions will be put to rest, for now I’ll just tremble my way through the rest of the day.


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