{June 8, 2012}   Exercise Urticaria

Just to make things even more laughable. i have many allergies, but the oddest and strangest, which, if you don’t have it, sounds incredible funny, is an allergy to exercise. I AM NOT KIDDING. so i took an anti histamine before i started walking to dinner, but walking home, it wasnt working and i started itching up and down my legs and buttocks. i have an allergy to exercise, cardio, its called exercise urticaria. so, not only was dinner a flop but now i am having an itching and hive attack on the way home (yes, it is funny), i am trying not to hike up my skirt and scratch my ass and tear off my tights while walking down the street. im walking 10 blocks home, with my hands down my tights, furtively looking over my shoulder to make sure no one is looking, i practically ran the last block to get in so i could rip my clothes off and scratch my legs raw.

aaaaaaaaahhhhh, so happy to be home, bad experiment. here’s the link to my f-upped allergy below.

This is not my leg, its swiped off the internet, my leg looks much better!!


I had bad hives once. Literally only once! My then boyfriend scratched my back with a key (bad, I know) and I made a sex moan! it felt that good!

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