{June 8, 2012}   Live By the Rules, BPD doesn’t count as being sick.

People with BPD aren’t trying hard enough. According to Joan Wheelis, M.D., director of the Two Brattle Center in Cambridge, Mass., “it isn’t that clients aren’t motivated, but that there is significant emotional, cognitive and behavioral dysregulation associated with the disorder.” People don’t realize just how considerable their deficits are. Many are very intelligent, talented and productive so it’s hard to believe, she said. “The person is doing the best they can given their current mental state,” Bockian said.

Story of my life, i look fine, i act fine, hence i must be fine and should be judged by regular standards, same punishments because how could it be that i couldn’t help myself. no one really believes how hard it is to go through the day, every day. I am smart, I am together, i am professional, i look like a put together individual so when i do things my mind cannot control, its catastrophic because how can a smart, together person like me, ever make a mistake so obvious. im sick assholes, you might not see it, but i am, if i was in a wheelchair and got robbed, even let them rob me so i wouldnt get hurt, would you tell me it was my fault for not trying to fight them? if i banished it from my memory because the memory was traumatic, is it wrong? it seems to the world, yes, BPD person you have to live with the rules of society because mental health is not an illness like cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, it’s in our minds, hence its not real, if people can’t see the disease happening in a moment, they can’t believe its true.


gypsy116 says:

People like this make me sick 😦

Great post. SO TRUE. They want to give us shit for not being better. Hello, if it was so easy, why wouldn’t we just do it?

Screw what everyone else says!

livefree says:

Amen gypsy

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