{June 10, 2012}   I dont know what to do… drink, pills, pain, bridges, what?


Even when i listen to myself the words come all wrong, i cant explain the inexplicable with logic, even to myself. can i really be wrong? should i punish myself? am i lying to myself? are they lying to me when they say i am getting better? maybe i should pass judgement on myself, as opposed to in the real world, maybe it should be in the world of the crazy. let crazy beget crazy because normal cannot beget crazy. will never get crazy because they’re the lucky ones and they live in the world of logic, where their minds work properly, so how can we expect them to understand that even we dont understand a mind that only partially belongs to us. our stupid stupid minds that make us stupid.

yeah, i want to take those pills, im not lying, its close, i dont see much light. no one else sees my light, why should i carry the damn torch.


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