{June 13, 2012}   Luck

Me again. Still here. Haven’t spoken to anyone yet. Maybe theyre thinking “wow she’s weird”. I’m used to it because there have been many a time I’ve had to find a safe outlet for my mania. This is safe, lots of people around, bar I normally frequent, etc. only bad part is I drove today and having not eaten today at all driving is not a good thing. I’ve looked at the menu but everything makes me want to be ill.

Did I mention there’s a DBT clinic now in my city. I’m
So surprised and psyched all at the same time. It’s hella expensive and us going to put me in a rough spot to afford along with my other medical and life bills. As is I’m living on my credit line and trying hard to stay in tune with my cards. I feel the worst for the kids because their friends get so much and I just can’t give it. They are good kids and they always say they understand that mum works hard for what they do get. I don’t think any I’d their friends have a crazy working mum.

Shit. Decided on another drink. Ugh. I need to force myself to eat something so I can drive. Maybe I need part time room mates that come and go. Used to be great when I lived with my gfriend Nikki we just knew how to come and go.

Well. Wish me luck keeping it together.

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