{February 28, 2015}   Maybe…

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks.

Between Yesterday and Today

Maybe, when we are at our lowest and feel as though we have nothing to say, is exactly when we have the most to say.  Maybe, we are afraid of being dismissed, talked down to, disrespected or diminished. Maybe, we are afraid of being shamed, wronged, laughed at or criticized. Maybe, we fear that our feelings will be invalidated or we will be condemned for having them.  Maybe, our feelings and thoughts were met with love, empathy and compassion at one time, but somewhere down the road, that person used those same feelings as weapons to hurt us. Maybe, it is a combination of these fears that prevent us from speaking our mind, talking about our feelings and sharing what is bothering us. It is my belief that we can only have these fears if this has been our experience when we have opened up and bared our souls to someone. How many…

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lifeofmiblog says:

I feel I say less and less each day…I can’t count the number of times I have opened up or tried to explain myself only to have my words turned against me. Thanks for passing it on

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