{April 13, 2015}   The Skeletons in My Closet

Pride in Madness

Below is a TED Talk from TEDxGuelphU by Dr. Stephen Lewis. I first heard about Dr. Lewis and his research on self-harm at a presentation I “snuck” into with a Phd friend of mine a few years back. It was then interesting to find out that someone I have known since gr. 3 has done self-harm research with him (which is who sent me the link). What I didn’t know was that Dr. Lewis used to self-harm. I admire his ability to share his story and to also use his experience to drive his research. We need more research into self-harm and I am happy to know that someone who gets it is leading the way.

I have found it very difficult to share about my experience with self-harm. I do not like the looks I get from people and for my own sanity I just don’t like thinking about…

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